Distribution of Registered* Newspapers** in California by City/Neighborhood

Motivations behind this mini-project

I stumbled upon the Library of Congress’s “Chronicling America” database of all the newspapers that had been recorded since 1690 and wanted to see if there was a way I could scrape the data and visualize the distribution of recorded newspapers still operating today (labeled as “current” in the database) in California by county and by city/neighborhood. I wanted to see if there were certain geographic areas within California where there was a dearth of local daily or monthly news, online or in print.

Note: “Registered” means all current news sources documented in the Library of Congress’s “Chronicling America.” “Newspapers” are broadly defined to include all publications in print/online that occur daily/monthly/other frequency. Some newspapers (~10) are not included from the scraped data due to ambiguity in location or lack of location (because they might be online-only). Some publications in less-populated areas were lumped with more-populated locations nearby, so the location data of news publications in this map may not be entirely accurate.

The data supporting this visualization is scraped from the Library of Congress’s “Chronicling America” database and cleaned using Google Sheets.

By city/neighborhood

By county

Additional tool(s) used in this project:


Ideas for future data analyses:

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